Episode 30

Will AI break the internet?

AI is flooding the internet with content, which means the internet and marketing as we know it are changing.

From low-quality spam to near-perfect imitations of human writing, AI's impact is undeniable and unstoppable.

In this episode, I explore how things are changing and what this means for marketing. Here are the key points:

AI Content Surge: Platforms like Google, Meta, TikTok, and X thrive on user-generated content. But now, AI is challenging their business models by producing vast amounts of content, which they struggle to distinguish from human work.

Advertising Disruption: Businesses rely on placing ads within content and search results. The rise of AI content complicates this, as search engines send less traffic to websites.

Quality Decline: The sheer volume of AI-generated content dilutes the quality of information online. Platforms are struggling to maintain the engaging, high-quality experience users expect.

Outpacing Humans: As AI improves, it will mimic and copy human content faster than humans can keep up with, potentially stifling creativity and originality.

Human Creativity Shines: Amid the flood of AI content, genuine human creativity and originality stand out. Unique, authentic content will always have a special place and be one step ahead of AI.

Listen to learn more. You can also find the podcast version by searching for Reframing Marketing wherever you listen to podcasts.

This podcast was inspired by and referenced in part from the podcast: Will AI Break the Internet? Or Save it? - The Ezra Klein Show

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