Episode 29

AI scale micro targeting is coming fast

Targeted online ads have so far promised a lot more than they delivered.

Having worked with targeted ads for many years, I have found that they work more by accident than design. If you throw enough ads at enough people, some of them will convert by default.

However, the world of targeted advertising is about to change – drastically!

Thanks to AI, ads will go beyond ‘targeted.’ Big advertising platforms like Meta and even Mailchimp are working on AI-generated marketing messages and content that are created and tailored not just for groups or cohorts, but for individual users.

Ads are about to get alarmingly personal!

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Simon Batchelar is a marketing mentor and author of Reframing Marketing: A 3-step Plan for Effective and Ethical Marketing.
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Simon spent 10 years as a TV and commercial sound editor, working on Oscar and Bafta-winning programmes.