Episode 26

Why has my website traffic dropped?

The tried and tested "landing page" business model is game over.

Creating content on your website to get Google traffic is no longer a good idea. In fact, it’s now a waste of your time and effort.

Google recently announced that it is going to use AI to start answering search questions on the Google results page.

It calls this “doing the Googling for you” 🙄

But what it means in practice is that even if your content shows up as the ideal answer to a question, the searcher is unlikely to click through to your website.

Instead, Google’s AI will come to your website, read it, learn it, and then use your content to answer the question on the Google search page.

This makes most marketing advice out there – even some that I have shared in the past – increasingly irrelevant.

This means fewer email sign-ups, fewer ebook downloads, and fewer course and programme sales.

The internet is changing. So what do we do now?

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