Episode 10

A better way to find your niche

What’s your niche?

Do you describe it as a job title or role?

Or do you describe a profile of what your ideal clients look like and where they live?

Most people think of these two things when they think of a niche, and I don’t think this works for coaches and consultants.

Demographics used to be how marketers divided up the world and it’s still what most marketing and sales advice tells you to do. For a time this seemed to work, but in today’s world it increasingly doesn’t.

And for coaches and consultants, using demographics as a niche almost never works.

So what’s a better way to find your business’s ‘fit’ and reach out?

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Simon Batchelar is a marketing mentor and author of Reframing Marketing: A 3-step Plan for Effective and Ethical Marketing.
With 20 years’ experience running their own marketing agency, Simon has transformed over 400 small businesses.
Simon spent 10 years as a TV and commercial sound editor, working on Oscar and Bafta-winning programmes.